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SCH Supplies is a well known and highly reputable brand that designs and manufactures lawn care attachments. From humble beginnings, to now manufacturing hundreds of ranges, including garden trailers, sprayers, water units, spreaders and leaf sweepers, the company has always proudly championed the quality of its products as well as its customer service.


At World of Mowers, we stock a wide range of SCH Supplies products, the types of SCH Supplies products we stock include:


SCH Trailers

SCH Trailers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. At World of Mowers we stock SCH budget trailers, turntable trollies, trailer barrows, timber haulers and bin trailers. The various trailers sold by World of Mowers have their own benefits, for example, if you require a cheap trailer to transport light equipment then one of our budget trailers are perfect as they are incredibly affordable, yet highly durable for their use. However, if you are looking for a more heavy duty SCH trailer then our galvanised trailers may better meet your requirements, alternatively, our hydraulic tipping trailers may be better suited.


SCH Grass & Turf Care Systems

At World of Mowers we know extreme levels of care that is needed to look after grass and turf, and so do SCH Supplies, that is why they offer some of the most advanced grass and turf care systems. World of Mowers stock a wide range of SCH grass and turf care systems, including dethatcher attachments, rollers, scarifying rake, levellers, sprayers and more. To see the full range of SCH grass and turf care systems available from World of Mowers, simply click here.


SCH Watering Equipment

Water is key for the growth of any garden, farm or other green/natural areas. Oftentimes difficulties can arise with the correct storing and transportation of water. SCH Supplies has various products that are designed to eliminate any such issues. World of Mowers sticks a range of these products, all of which can be found here, including various styles and sizes of watering units, from units with hose reels, automatic pumps, and from small 25 litre tanks to large tanks that carry over 900 litres.


SCH Towed Mowers

At World of Mowers we also stock high quality SCH Supplies towed mowers. These mowers are heavy duty, powerful and strong items of machinery that are ideal for maintaining rough grassed areas, pasture land, woodland etc. To see the SCH Towed Mowers available at World of Mowers, click here.


We hope you have enjoyed exploring the various SCH Supplies products that are available at World of Mowers. If you would like to view more of our product simply browse our website. If you’d like to stay up-to-date on all of our latest products, blogs and news, then give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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