Is A Petrol Lawn Mower Right For You?

Petrol lawnmowers are great pieces of machinery. When it comes to searching for a powerful mower that gets the job done well, a petrol mower is often the first product many consumers may think to purchase. However, a petrol mower isn’t suitable for all. In this blog we will take a look at the most obvious pros and cons of petrol mowers, to help you decide whether a petrol mower is right for you, or if another of our excellent ranges would better suit your needs.


An obvious pro of petrol mowers is that they can be incredibly powerful. Petrol mowers are generally highly durable, and the added power makes petrol mowers perfect for cutting larger lawns. When compared to wired or battery-powered lawn mowers, petrol mowers make cutting the lawn a far easier and quicker task.

No messing about with cords

Nobody likes having to wrestle with wires. The thought of having to wrap and unwrap wires before and after starting a job is not an exciting thought for many. Add to this the dread of having to search for extension wires and constantly having to be wary of not accidentally cutting the wire as you attempt to peacefully enjoy mowing your lawn, you’d think to yourself why am I actually bothering with a wired mower? Well, to be honest, if wires are an enemy of yours then you must try a petrol mower. Free yourself of the wires and go cordless with a petrol mower, allowing you to mow anywhere without restriction.

Heavy, big, and difficult to start

As great as petrol mowers are, realistically they're not suitable for everyone. Firstly, petrol mowers can be difficult to start. Added to this, petrol mowers are typically larger than electric mowers. As they are generally better suited for medium to larger areas, petrol mowers are often on the slightly bigger side (although this is not always the case). With this in mind, you must carefully consider whether a larger slightly more difficult to handle mower is right for you, or whether a lighter and smaller electric mower may be better suited to your lawn and requirements.

Requires maintenance

Petrol mowers require maintenance. As more complex and powerful machines than other types of mowers, these mowers require regular maintenance and servicing to keep them performing at their best.

Based on the above pro’s and con’s it is clear that petrol mowers have their drawbacks and advantages. If you want an easy-to-use mower that is cheap and requires little maintenance then you may be better suited to one of our electric, battery-powered, or cylinder ranges. However, if you are willing to annually service your mower in exchange for a powerful machine that helps you mow your lawn in less time, then a petrol mower is just what you need!

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