How To Make Stripes In Your Lawn

A common question from most lawn care enthusiasts is “how can I get stripes on my lawn?”. Achieving the much-desired stripe look has both aesthetic and practical benefits. However, achieving this look requires a certain know-how and the right equipment. If you’re reading this blog then you’re just about to take the first steps to achieve the stripes that you are after.


Why striped lawns?

Striped lawns undoubtedly look great, but they are so much more than that. A striped lawn can make your garden look bigger and hide any uneven or bare areas. Adding stripes to your lawn takes very little extra effort.


How To Add Stripes To Your Lawn

To add stripes to your lawn you first need to have a lawnmower with a rear roller. This is an essential piece of equipment to achieve the striped look that you are after. If you don’t have a lawnmower with a rear roller already then take a look at our range today. An excellent mower for achieving the striped look is the Mountfield Princess 34, an affordable and powerful mower that is available with free UK delivery and a 2-year warranty. With the rear roller, stripes will be added to your lawn by bending and flattening the grass as you cut. As a result, the grass will fall at a different angle, resulting in the striped appearance that we are so accustomed to.


There are different ways lines can be cut into grass, horizontal, vertical, or even a chequered pattern. Once you’ve decided how you’d like your striped to look, you can begin cutting. To achieve a clean look, we suggest mowing the edge of your lawn as close as you can. If there are any areas that you cannot reach with your mower then a strimmer will also help.


Once the edge is trimmed, start on your preferred side of the garden and begin to go up your lawn, then turn on the way back. As you turn be sure to overlap your return and keep it in line with the edges and the last line that you cut. By slightly overlapping each line you will ensure that there are no gaps in your lines, be sure to keep the overlapped distance the same on each turn as this will ensure that your lines are neat and even. As you progress with mowing your lawn be sure to empty the collector regularly, as an excessive collection of grass will ruin the clean look of your lines.


Now that you know how to achieve the striped look on your lawn, we have one final tip to help you create those stunning lines time after time; make sure to vary your lines every two to three weeks. If you mow your lawn with the pattern of stripes each week you risk damaging your lawn. Regularly watering and cutting in new stripes following a different pattern encourages even and direct growth, so that your lawn looks and feels its best.


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