Controls assembly details for Stiga Stiga Deck 100 Combi 3 EL 2D6210021 2016 model

Parts list

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004387869265/0FRONT GUARD TUBE ASSEMBLY [GREY]£322.56 Add to
005112379511/0STRAIGHT GREASE NIPPLE M6 x 1£2.90 Add to
0069699-0030-02WASHER (10 X 26 X 2)£2.98 Add to
007112794970/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M10 x 90£3.91 Add to
008112156602/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M10 UNI7474 ACC.6S£2.65 Add to
0099997-0880-16ScrewN/A POA
0101137-0151-01SHAFT£3.78 Add to
011112154220/0SELF-LOCK NUT M8£2.90 Add to
012387001015/0LINKAGE ASSEMBLY L/H£120.96 Add to
013387001013/0LINKAGE ASSEMBLY R/H£120.96 Add to
0141137-0199-01SLEWING BRACKET ASSEMBLY£54.58 Add to
0151134-9155-01BUSH [8 PIECES]£22.66 Add to
016112793102/0SCREW TE M8x20 UNI 5739 ACC.8.8£2.90 Add to
0179997-0880-16ScrewN/A POA
0181137-0151-01SHAFT£3.78 Add to
019112154220/0SELF-LOCK NUT M8£2.90 Add to
0201137-0154-01SPACER£32.76 Add to
0211137-0200-01PIVOT PLATE£37.55 Add to
022112691115/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M8 x 40£2.90 Add to
0231137-0155-01SPACER£5.17 Add to
0241137-0155-01SPACER£5.17 Add to
025112800815/0SCREW TE FL M8 x 16£2.90 Add to
026387106265/0L/H LIFTING DECK ARM 100C£107.69 Add to
027387106263/0R/H LIFTING DECK ARM 100C£104.58 Add to
028112800815/0SCREW TE FL M8 x 16£2.90 Add to
029112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 X 24 X 2 (NOT USED ON STIGA MODELS)£2.90 Add to
0301137-0162-01PUSH ROD L/H£19.28 Add to
0311137-0160-01PUSH ROD R/H£12.98 Add to
032112604903/0STARLOCK WASHER D=10£2.90 Add to
0331134-6197-01REAR AXLE [YELLOW]£84.41 Add to
0341134-6282-01ROLLER ASSEMBLY L/H£54.18 Add to
0351134-6282-02ROLLER ASSEMBLY R/H£54.18 Add to
0369897-0813-02SCREW M8 x 130£5.68 Add to
0371137-0155-01SPACER£5.17 Add to
0381134-4318-01SPACER TUBE£10.71 Add to
0391134-9126-01SUPPORT ROLLERS [2 PCS]£41.58 Add to
040112800815/0SCREW TE FL M8 x 16£2.90 Add to
0411137-0155-01SPACER£5.17 Add to
0421134-6198-01STUD£18.33 Add to
043112521390/0WASHER M16 17 x 30 x 3£2.77 Add to
0449598-2001-02SPRING PIN£5.80 Add to
0459646-0098-22RIVET 8 x 32£3.65 Add to
046112604899/0STARLOCK WASHER RPCO 308 D=8£2.90 Add to
0471134-5528-01SNAP HOOK£5.17 Add to
0481134-6368-03CHAIN [12 LINKS]£20.41 Add to
0491134-6368-02CHAIN [7 LINKS]£24.07 Add to
0501134-2629-01LIFT LINK£15.50 Add to
051387432003/0110/125 DECK LIFT SPRING£45.36 Add to
0521134-2629-01LIFT LINK£15.50 Add to
0601137-0168-01BRACKET ASSEMBLY£36.53 Add to
061118001004/2ELECTRIC LIFTER CD 95-100-105£372.56 Add to
0621134-6182-01MALE TERMINAL£24.07 Add to
063387149301/0ACTUATOR CABLE L=490£22.93 Add to
0641134-6373-01ROD END£35.51 Add to
0659646-0098-22RIVET 8 x 32£3.65 Add to
066112604899/0STARLOCK WASHER RPCO 308 D=8£2.90 Add to
067112691115/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M8 x 40£2.90 Add to
0691137-0155-01SPACER£5.17 Add to