HEIGHT ADJUST assembly details for Stiga 13-7825-24 TITAN RM155H COMBI DECK 2015 model

Parts list

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001387743553/0ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLY L/H£889.19 Add to
0021134-6904-01PARALLEL ROD£155.72 Add to
0039997-1240-16SCREW£4.37 Add to
005112156603/0SELF-LOCKING NUT M12£2.90 Add to
0061134-6907-01BRACKET ASSEMBLY£74.95 Add to
0081134-6900-02AXLE (L=63)£52.92 Add to
0099997-1211-02SCREW M6S M12 x 110£6.55 Add to
0101134-6900-03AXLE (L=63 THREADED)£52.92 Add to
0119924-1235-19SCREW MF6S M12 x 35£4.91 Add to
0129997-1211-02SCREW M6S M12 x 110£6.55 Add to
013112156603/0SELF-LOCKING NUT M12£2.90 Add to
0141134-7799-01PIVOT PLATE£118.84 Add to
0151134-6900-01AXLE (L=84)£59.22 Add to
0161134-6859-01PIVOT PLATE£113.52 Add to
0171134-6900-01AXLE (L=84)£59.22 Add to
021387743551/0ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLY R/H£770.79 Add to
0221134-6904-01PARALLEL ROD£155.72 Add to
0239997-1240-16SCREW£4.37 Add to
025112156603/0SELF-LOCKING NUT M12£2.90 Add to
0261134-6907-01BRACKET ASSEMBLY£74.95 Add to
0281134-6900-02AXLE (L=63)£52.92 Add to
0299997-1211-02SCREW M6S M12 x 110£6.55 Add to
0301134-6900-03AXLE (L=63 THREADED)£52.92 Add to
0319924-1235-19SCREW MF6S M12 x 35£4.91 Add to
0329997-1211-02SCREW M6S M12 x 110£6.55 Add to
033112156603/0SELF-LOCKING NUT M12£2.90 Add to
0341134-7650-01PIVOT PLATE£170.27 Add to
0351134-6900-01AXLE (L=84)£59.22 Add to
0361134-6860-01PIVOT PLATE£113.52 Add to
0371134-6900-01AXLE (L=84)£59.22 Add to
0381134-7239-01POINTER£12.22 Add to
0409997-1230-16SCREW M6S M12 x 30£3.28 Add to
0419739-1241-22NUT£4.37 Add to
0421134-7400-01PIN£21.42 Add to
0439598-0002-02SPRING PIN 2.5mm L=47mm£2.90 Add to
044112379511/0STRAIGHT GREASE NIPPLE M6 x 1£2.90 Add to
0501134-7797-01FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY£133.56 Add to
0519997-1255-12Screw, Lock£4.71 Add to
052112156603/0SELF-LOCKING NUT M12£2.90 Add to
053112794300/0SCREW TE M10 x 30£2.77 Add to
054112156602/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M10 UNI7474 ACC.6S£2.65 Add to
0551137-1154-01GUARD L/H£28.50 Add to
0561137-1154-02GUARD R/H£28.50 Add to
057112735664/0SCREW M6 x 16£1.73 Add to
0581134-7518-01PLASTIC PLUG£4.28 Add to