FRAME assembly details for Stiga 13-2938-43 PARK 125 COMBI PRO DECK 2014 model

Parts list

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0011134-5884-01PIVOT WHEEL ASSEMBLY£55.44 Add to
002137038009/0WHEEL BUSH£6.63 Add to
0031134-5677-01SPACER£18.33 Add to
004112379511/0STRAIGHT GREASE NIPPLE M6 x 1£2.90 Add to
005112794970/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M10 x 90£3.91 Add to
0079699-0030-02WASHER (10 X 26 X 2)£2.98 Add to
008112156602/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M10 UNI7474 ACC.6S£2.65 Add to
0151134-6141-01MOWER DECK ARM-LH [GREY]£120.96 Add to
0161134-6141-02MOWER DECK ARM-RH [GREY]£120.96 Add to
019112800815/0SCREW TE FL M8 x 16£2.90 Add to
020112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 X 24 X 2 (NOT USED ON STIGA MODELS)£2.90 Add to
0269598-2001-02SPRING PIN£5.80 Add to
0271134-5843-01DECK FRAME [GREY]£510.81 Add to
0291134-0240-01SCREW£10.08 Add to
030112154220/0SELF-LOCK NUT M8£2.90 Add to
035387432003/0110/125 DECK LIFT SPRING£45.36 Add to
0361134-6368-03CHAIN [12 LINKS]£20.41 Add to
0371134-5528-01SNAP HOOK£5.17 Add to
0381134-2629-01LIFT LINK£15.50 Add to
0391134-6368-02CHAIN [7 LINKS]£24.07 Add to
040112793301/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M8 x 25£2.90 Add to
0411134-5626-01SPACER£9.58 Add to
0421134-7595-01SPACER£5.92 Add to
0439699-0123-02WASHER 17 x 40 x 6£5.39 Add to