CONTROL HYDRAULICS assembly details for Stiga 13-7823-24 TITAN RM135H COMBI DECK 2012 model

Parts list

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0011134-7052-01HYDRAULIC CYLINDER£278.46 Add to
0021134-7332-01DISTRIBUTION BLOCK£97.02 Add to
0031134-4948-01SEAL WASHER 1/4"£3.40 Add to
0041134-6042-01QUICK COUPLING-MALE 1/4"£28.53 Add to
0051135-2498-01KNOB£8.19 Add to
0061134-7287-01HYDRAULIC TUBE£61.41 Add to
0071134-7165-01HYDRAULIC CONNECTOR£8.95 Add to
0081137-0185-05HYDRAULIC HOSE 1/4"£41.42 Add to
0091137-0185-07HYDRAULIC HOSE 1/4"£45.36 Add to
0101134-7289-01HYDRAULIC TUBE£82.01 Add to
0111137-0185-08HYDRAULIC HOSE 1/4"£38.73 Add to
0121134-7627-01HOSE GUARD£57.00 Add to
0149579-0017-01CABLE TIE£6.13 Add to
0211134-7052-01HYDRAULIC CYLINDER£278.46 Add to
0221134-7292-01HYDRAULIC TUBE£70.89 Add to
0231134-4948-01SEAL WASHER 1/4"£3.40 Add to
0241134-6042-01QUICK COUPLING-MALE 1/4"£28.53 Add to
0251135-2498-01KNOB£8.19 Add to
0269579-0016-01CABLE TIE (YELLOW)£6.16 Add to