Electrical System

Electrical System assembly details for Stiga TITAN 540 D 2017 (13-7454-11) 2017 model

Parts list

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0019400-0317-02DC-SOCKET£17.72 Add to
0029400-0282-01SWITCH C/W DIODE£76.59 Add to
0039400-0280-03SWITCH COVER-HEIGHT ADJUST£18.27 Add to
0049400-0343-01SWITCH COVER-PTO£9.28 Add to
0059400-0321-01SWITCH£61.60 Add to
0069400-0322-01SWITCH COVER-12V£16.22 Add to
0101134-4129-01COVER£6.14 Add to
0111134-6097-02HOUR METER£102.01 Add to
0121135-2754-01IGNITION KEY SWITCH£156.31 Add to
0131139-2505-01IGNITION KEY [PAIR]£41.16 Add to
0159400-0320-01PILOT LAMP [RED]£10.33 Add to
0169400-0346-01PILOT LAMP [FLASHING RED]£15.41 Add to
0241137-0817-01WIRING HARNESS£409.09 Add to
0251137-0697-01STORAGE BOX£55.21 Add to