Transmission 1

Transmission 1 assembly details for Stiga Stiga Villa 14 HST 2F2720421 2016 model

Parts list

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0011137-0205-01ENGINE PULLEY£28.20 Add to
0041134-6637-01BELT GUIDE£12.24 Add to
005112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 x 24 x 2£2.46 Add to
0061134-4519-01TENSION ARM£33.96 Add to
0071134-3053-01TENSION PULLEY£38.76 Add to
0081134-4614-01SPACER£7.98 Add to
0099997-1040-16SCREW M6S 10 x 40£6.90 Add to
010112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 X 20 X 2£2.46 Add to
0119739-1031-22NUT (M10)£2.82 Add to
0121134-2989-02TENSION PULLEY [GREY]£28.30 Add to
0131134-1795-01BELT STIRRUP£10.68 Add to
0149997-1040-16SCREW M6S 10 x 40£6.90 Add to
015112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 X 20 X 2£2.46 Add to
0169739-1031-22NUT (M10)£2.82 Add to
0171134-9165-01TRANSMISSION BELT£33.12 Add to
0181134-1565-08SPACER£8.40 Add to
019112793905/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M8 x 70 GEOMET321A£2.82 Add to
020112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 x 24 x 2£2.46 Add to
0211137-0155-01SPACER£4.62 Add to
0221134-5214-01SPRING£12.00 Add to
0231134-7766-01TRANSAXLE K46 CJ£931.20 Add to
0249960-0860-12SCREW M8 x 60£2.82 Add to
025112154220/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M8£2.46 Add to
0261134-6290-01STRUT£9.28 Add to
0271134-4242-01SPACER WASHER£4.98 Add to
028112691115/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M8 x 40£2.46 Add to
029112154220/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M8£2.46 Add to
0421134-5156-01PULL ROD£10.68 Add to
0431134-4014-01KNOB£5.10 Add to
044112604896/0STARLOCK WASHER D=6£2.46 Add to
0511134-2138-01EYE BOLT£8.22 Add to
0521134-4779-01PLASTIC BUSH£2.70 Add to
053112293200/0NUT£2.46 Add to
054112154220/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M8£2.46 Add to
0551134-5319-01BELT GUIDE£7.86 Add to
056112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 x 24 x 2£2.46 Add to