FOOT CONTROLS assembly details for Stiga Stiga TITAN 740DCR 13-7462-11 2016 model

Parts list

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0011134-7267-03BRAKE PEDAL£34.35 Add to
0029595-0210-00LOCATING PIN£8.32 Add to
0031137-0706-01BRAKE ARM (OBSOLETE)N/A
0041134-6313-01BEARING£7.36 Add to
0051137-0702-01BRAKE LOCK£39.61 Add to
006122671652/0WASHER 12.3 x 20 x 2£2.74 Add to
0079599-0080-02COTTER PIN£2.47 Add to
0081134-7401-01SPRING£6.55 Add to
0091134-3999-01SPACER (OBSOLETE)N/A
0109997-0520-16SCREW M6S M5 x 20£2.32 Add to
011112154330/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M5£2.06 Add to
0121137-0589-01BRAKE CABLE BRACKET£27.09 Add to
0139930-0816-16SCREW (OBSOLETE)N/A
0141137-1040-01Bromswire Brake cableN/A POA
015112789020/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M5 x 25£2.06 Add to
016112154330/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M5£2.06 Add to
0171134-7321-01EXTENSION SPRING£5.76 Add to
0211134-7216-02DRIVE PEDAL£190.93 Add to
0221134-7217-01SPACER£9.54 Add to
023999-1050-12ScrewN/A POA
0249699-0030-02WASHER (10 X 26 X 2)£2.14 Add to
0251134-4775-01LOCK NUT£2.47 Add to
0261134-7054-03CONTROL CABLE£179.92 Add to
0279570-0004-00ELBOW LINK£26.18 Add to
028112154510/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 UNI7474 ACC.6S£2.06 Add to
029112292102/0FLANGED HEXAGONAL NUT M6£2.06 Add to
0321137-0564-01HST CABLE BRACKET£54.48 Add to
0339747-1231-02NUT£2.06 Add to
14A1135-3948-01RUBBER SLEEVE£15.13 Add to
21A9548-0027-01BEARING£9.68 Add to