Frame assembly details for Stiga Stiga Park Pro 340 IX 13-6451-11 2016 model

Parts list

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001387800015/0FRONT FRAME ASSEMBLY£956.17 Add to
002112379511/0STRAIGHT GREASE NIPPLE M6 x 1£2.06 Add to
0039501-0504-01GREASE NIPPLE M6£3.69 Add to
004387130001/0CLEVIS ASSEMBLY£191.06 Add to
0059595-0262-00LOCATING PIN£2.06 Add to
0061134-0031-00PIVOT SHAFT STOP£24.95 Add to
007387800017/0REAR FRAME ASSEMBLY£637.61 Add to
008112379511/0STRAIGHT GREASE NIPPLE M6 x 1£2.06 Add to
0091134-5705-01SPACER£19.36 Add to
0109547-0001-00BEARING£24.95 Add to
0119959-1025-16SCREW M6SF M10 x 25 TL£3.00 Add to
0121134-5988-01CENTRE SHAFT£22.76 Add to
013112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 x 20 x 2£2.06 Add to
014387800001/0TANK FRAME SUPPORT ASSEMBLY£170.61 Add to
0161134-4242-01SPACER WASHER£4.78 Add to
017387507501/1FOOTBOARD£184.24 Add to
0189893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£2.47 Add to
019387785225/0STEERING COLUMN SUPPORT£130.87 Add to
020112818700/0SCREW M8 x 25£2.81 Add to
021112760610/0SCREW M8 x 25£2.06 Add to
022112154210/0SELF-LOCK WINGED NUT M8 DIN 6927£2.06 Add to
0239897-0820-16SCREW M8 x 20£2.32 Add to
024387148921/0SEAT COLUMN ASSEMBLY£109.00 Add to
025112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
0269897-0880-12SCREW MVBF 8 x 80£2.32 Add to
0271134-1565-08SPACER£9.94 Add to
028387547029/0REAR SEAT COLUMN PLATE£85.67 Add to
029337085501/0HOSES GUIDE£6.01 Add to
0309893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£2.47 Add to
031387547007/0FRONT TUNNEL PLATE£71.14 Add to
0329893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£2.47 Add to
033387547021/0LOWER INNER PLATE£80.27 Add to
034112735402/0FLANGED HEX-HEAD SCREW D=6 x 18 WZ£2.06 Add to
035387057500/0COVER HAND CONTROL BASE£98.40 Add to
036387547023/0UPPER INNER PLATE£54.18 Add to
037387547025/0FRONT INNER PLATE£54.18 Add to
0389897-0820-16SCREW M8 x 20£2.32 Add to
039112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
0409893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£2.47 Add to
041387559001/0REAR BUMPER "STIGA" PLATE£162.60 Add to
042387457001/0REAR BUMPER£287.40 Add to
043112728699/0SELF-TAPPING SCREW K60 x 22£2.06 Add to
044387547017/0RIGHT UPPER BRACKET£15.13 Add to
045387547019/0LEFT UPPER BRACKET£15.13 Add to
0461134-4242-01SPACER WASHER£4.78 Add to
0479945-0825-16SCREW M6SF M8 x 25£2.32 Add to
048122671651/0WASHER 8.3 x 22 x 2£2.32 Add to
0491134-1565-01SPACER£14.58 Add to
0501134-0240-00SCREW£9.14 Add to
0519665-0002-00BOWL WASHER£2.61 Add to
0521134-4242-01SPACER WASHER£4.78 Add to
053112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
054112735654/0SELF-TAPPING SCREW M5 x 16£2.74 Add to
0559959-0820-16FLANGED SCREW M8 x 20 8.8 DIN 6921£2.06 Add to
0561134-5512-01TOWING PLATE£20.72 Add to
0571137-0155-01SPACER£4.52 Add to
058387602503/0HEAT PROTECTION GUARD£54.79 Add to
0599945-0825-16SCREW M6SF M8 x 25£2.32 Add to
060387602501/0MUFFLER GUARD£16.63 Add to
061112155015/0SELF-GRIP NUT M8(FROM 1ST SEPT 2015)£2.06 Add to
062337055850/0PROTECTION RING£4.43 Add to