Pedal lift

Pedal lift assembly details for Stiga Stiga Park 340 X 2F6130511 2016 model

Parts list

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0011134-4117-01BRACKET£32.99 Add to
0021134-2684-01BUSH£7.10 Add to
0031134-4945-01LIFT CATCH ASSEMBLY£124.29 Add to
0079404-0027-01O RING 4.48 X 1.78£3.00 Add to
0089650-0039-04CIRCLIP 8mm£2.47 Add to
0099595-0276-01LOCATING PIN£3.55 Add to
010112689500/0SCREW M6 x 40£2.06 Add to
011112154510/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 UNI7474 ACC.6S£2.06 Add to
0139897-0820-16SCREW M8 x 20£2.32 Add to
014112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
015387256053/0LIFT LEVER ASSEMBLY£76.59 Add to
0161134-0240-00SCREW£9.14 Add to
0171134-4938-01LIFT PEDAL£24.95 Add to
018112791500/0SCREW TE M6x25 UNI 5739 ACC.8.8£2.06 Add to
019112292102/0FLANGED HEXAGONAL NUT M6£2.06 Add to
0204231-0013-00SPRING£8.87 Add to