Transmission 3

Transmission 3 assembly details for Stiga Stiga Park 220 2F5820321 2016 model

Parts list

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002118870121/0SIDE HOUSING£488.41 Add to
007118870111/0OIL SEAL 0.50 x 1.00 x 0.25£9.54 Add to
0081139-2042-01SCREW£6.42 Add to
0131139-2010-01PLUG£22.35 Add to
080118870070/0RETAINING RING 0.457£4.52 Add to
081118870106/0GEAR 14T£22.60 Add to
082118870095/0MOTOR SHAFT£69.43 Add to
083118870096/0WASHER 0.06 X 1.00 X 0.33£5.37 Add to
090118870105/0GEAR 47T/11T£131.10 Add to
091118870098/0GEAR 11T£23.79 Add to
092118870099/0JACKSHAFT PIN£23.15 Add to
0931139-2016-01WASHER£5.71 Add to
100118870072/0RETAINING RING£6.27 Add to
101118870063/0GEAR 12T£30.17 Add to
103118870116/0AXLE SHAFT 0.75 x 10.90 (R/H KEY)£441.82 Add to
105118870086/0AXLE BUSH£10.56 Add to
106118870085/0AXLE BUSH£8.44 Add to
107118870100/0GEAR 53T£165.76 Add to
109118870084/0RETAINING RING 1.25£11.78 Add to
1101139-2204-01SEAL£8.87 Add to
120118870066/0BRAKE PAD£8.19 Add to
121118870101/0BRAKE£19.90 Add to
122118870067/0BRAKE PAD PLATE£4.52 Add to
124118870119/0BRAKE CALLIPER£40.47 Add to
125118870069/0BRAKE PIN£5.87 Add to
126118870062/0SPACER£4.52 Add to
127118870077/0SCREW 0.250-20 X 2.0 HFS PATCH£4.52 Add to
128118870071/0BOLT 1/4-20 X 1 (PATCH)£4.52 Add to
130118870064/0BRAKE ARM£36.52 Add to
1311139-2011-01FLAT WASHER£5.71 Add to
132118870068/0NUT 5/16-24 (OBSOLETE)N/A
133118870065/0COTTER PIN 3/32 X 3/4£4.52 Add to
134118870075/0BRAKE ARM SPRING£10.49 Add to
180118870112/0SPRING PLATE£13.47 Add to
195118870126/0GEARS & PINS KIT£58.25 Add to
205118870124/0SEAL KIT£72.18 Add to