Transmission 2

Transmission 2 assembly details for Stiga Stiga Park 120 2F5820241 2016 model

Parts list

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001118870120/0MAIN HOUSING£685.16 Add to
0101139-2022-01SEALANT TUBE£135.53 Add to
030118870079/0SEAL 0.375 X 0.75 X 0.25£10.09 Add to
031118870081/0RETAINING RING 0.375£11.78 Add to
0321139-2203-01BY-PASS ROD£21.76 Add to
033118870080/0RETAINING RING 0.750£11.78 Add to
034118870091/0BY-PASS ARM£14.74 Add to
035118870082/0RETAINING RING 0.750£11.78 Add to
040118870090/0SWASH PLATE£102.48 Add to
041118870083/0SCREW 5/16-24 x 1.00£18.82 Add to
061118870092/0INPUT DRIVE SHAFT£91.58 Add to
0641139-2004-01SPACER (OBSOLETE)N/A
0651139-2000-01SEAL RING£31.40 Add to
070118870125/0PUMP BLOCK ASSEMBLY£132.33 Add to
074118870093/0THRUST BEARING 27 x 47 x 14£41.16 Add to
0751139-2063-01CYLINDER BLOCK£232.10 Add to
0791139-2021-01THRUST BEARING£43.89 Add to
100118870072/0RETAINING RING£6.27 Add to
101118870063/0GEAR 12T£30.17 Add to
104118870115/0AXLE SHAFT 0.75 x 16.48 (L/H KEY)£128.77 Add to
105118870086/0AXLE BUSH£10.56 Add to
106118870085/0AXLE BUSH£8.44 Add to
109118870084/0RETAINING RING 1.25£11.78 Add to
1101139-2204-01SEAL£8.87 Add to
1401139-2038-01FITTING 1381-1174HST£35.98 Add to
141118870102/0TUBE 0.16 X 0.28 X 5.5£6.09 Add to
1421139-2075-01O RING£6.09 Add to
161118870103/0CONTROL ARM£22.12 Add to
1621139-2026-01BOLT£7.04 Add to
1631139-2011-01FLAT WASHER£5.71 Add to
164118870107/0BI-DIRECTIONAL RETURN ARM£28.12 Add to
165118870108/0NEUTRAL ARM£18.36 Add to
166118870104/0BUSH 0.315 x 0.618 x 0.390£5.46 Add to
167118870089/0EXTENSION SPRING£9.54 Add to
180118870112/0SPRING PLATE£13.47 Add to
201118870127/0CENTER SECTION KIT£367.61 Add to
203118870122/0EXPANSION TANK KIT£65.69 Add to
204118870061/0HYDRO FAN KIT£140.35 Add to