Steering assembly details for Stiga PARK 520 L 2014 (13-6311-12) 2014 model

Parts list

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001187000351/0STEERING CHAIN 83M ELITE PC-PCH W/SERVO£35.71 Add to
0021134-9084-01STEERING CABLE (PARK)£56.15 Add to
004187060100/0STEERING CHAIN LINK£6.01 Add to
0051134-3817-01COMPRESSION SPRING£12.96 Add to
0069699-0090-02WASHER 8.4 x 18 x 1.5£2.32 Add to
007112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
0081134-2816-01SPROCKET£10.77 Add to
0091134-0041-02BUSH£10.09 Add to
010112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 x 20 x 2£2.06 Add to
0119997-1050-16SCREW M6S M10 x 50£2.87 Add to
0129897-1040-12SCREW M10 x 40£3.49 Add to
0139739-1031-22NUT M10£2.32 Add to
0141134-9025-01STEERING PULLEY [2 PCS]£20.09 Add to
0151134-0041-01BUSH£9.41 Add to
0161134-3022-01BRACKET£62.97 Add to
0179997-1030-16SCREW M6S M10 x 30£3.00 Add to
0189739-1031-22NUT M10£2.32 Add to
0191134-5349-01STEERING CONSOLE [YELLOW]£106.58 Add to
0209897-0820-16SCREW M8 x 20£2.32 Add to
021112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
0221134-1305-05LOWER STEERING COLUMN£47.97 Add to
0231134-1901-01PLASTIC BUSH£12.27 Add to
0249893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£2.47 Add to
0251137-0079-02STEERING ROD£42.53 Add to
0261134-2837-01SPACER£9.54 Add to
0271134-5496-03STEERING WHEEL ASSY£143.37 Add to