Wheels (1)

Wheels (1) assembly details for Stiga PARK 520 DP 2014 (13-6318-31) 2014 model

Parts list

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0011134-4844-03WHEEL HUB ASSEMBLY£58.87 Add to
0021134-3383-02KEY (L=51 MM)£9.41 Add to
0031134-4558-01WHEEL RIM£107.93 Add to
0049545-0116-00TYRE 16 x 7.50-8£86.13 Add to
005125950000/0PNEUMATIC VALVE£5.73 Add to
0069731-1031-22LOCK NUT M6MF M10£2.47 Add to
009137670203/0WASHER DEST=45 DINT=25.6£5.05 Add to
0109653-0002-04CIRCLIP 1"£3.69 Add to
0211134-4844-02WHEEL HUB ASSEMBLY£57.52 Add to
0221134-2471-01KEY£9.41 Add to
0231134-4558-01WHEEL RIM£107.93 Add to
0249545-0116-00TYRE 16 x 7.50-8£86.13 Add to
025125950000/0PNEUMATIC VALVE£5.73 Add to
0269731-1031-22LOCK NUT M6MF M10£2.47 Add to
0309653-0001-04CIRCLIP 3/4"£2.61 Add to
0311134-4796-01HUB CAP£5.46 Add to
0329947-0540-19SCREW£2.06 Add to
04513-0993-61RAC QUICK CONNECTION 4WD PARK£145.95 Add to
0461134-7465-01ATTACHMENT HOOK PLATES [LH & RH]£53.42 Add to
0471137-0077-01LOCKING PIN£3.81 Add to
0481134-5686-01BEARING BUSH D= 25.4mm£14.58 Add to
0499501-0502-00GREASE JOINT£8.87 Add to
0509898-1035-16SCREW 10 x 35£3.15 Add to
0519739-1031-22NUT M10£2.32 Add to
0999545-0203-00INNER TUBE 16 x 6.50£26.18 Add to