Steering (1)

Steering (1) assembly details for Stiga PARK 420 LM 2014 (13-6384-12) 2014 model

Parts list

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0011134-6374-10CHAIN (129 LINKS)£27.27 Add to
0021134-6374-09CHAIN (35 LINKS)£11.87 Add to
003187000352/0STEERING CHAIN 41M ELITE FM W/SERVO£28.90 Add to
0041134-6374-05CHAIN (47 LINKS)£15.59 Add to
0051134-3550-01END NIPPLE [L=110]£18.53 Add to
005A1134-3550-02END NIPPLE [L=90]£18.27 Add to
0061134-3565-01CONNECTION NIPPLE£16.17 Add to
007187060100/0STEERING CHAIN LINK£6.01 Add to
0081134-5652-01ATTACHMENT PLATE£5.46 Add to
0091134-5651-01BRACKET£4.35 Add to
0101134-2816-01SPROCKET£10.77 Add to
0111134-0041-02BUSH£10.09 Add to
0121134-4817-01PIN£12.96 Add to
013112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 x 20 x 2£2.06 Add to
0149599-0054-02SPLIT PIN£2.32 Add to
0151134-3817-01COMPRESSION SPRING£12.96 Add to
015A1134-3817-02COMPRESSION SPRING£12.68 Add to
0169699-0090-02WASHER 8.4 x 18 x 1.5£2.32 Add to
017112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
0181134-2816-01SPROCKET£10.77 Add to
0191134-5653-01SPACER£9.14 Add to
020112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 x 20 x 2£2.06 Add to
0219997-1060-12SCREW M6S M10 x 60£2.54 Add to
0229739-1031-22NUT M10£2.32 Add to
0239897-1060-12SCREW M10 x 60£3.28 Add to
0249731-1031-22LOCK NUT M6MF M10£2.47 Add to
0251134-3547-01SPROCKET£12.96 Add to
0261134-0041-01BUSH£9.41 Add to
0271134-3022-01BRACKET£62.97 Add to
0289997-1040-16SCREW M6S 10 x 40£7.23 Add to
029112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 x 20 x 2£2.06 Add to
0309739-1031-22NUT M10£2.32 Add to
0311137-0066-01STEERING COLUMN COVER£139.00 Add to
0329897-0820-16SCREW M8 x 20£2.32 Add to
033112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
0341134-1305-03LOWER STEERING COLUMN£45.26 Add to
0351134-1901-01PLASTIC BUSH£12.27 Add to
0361137-0120-02STEERING ROD ASSEMBLY£43.89 Add to
0419893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£2.47 Add to
0421134-2837-03SPACER£11.46 Add to
0521134-5173-02STEERING WHEEL C/W KNOB£191.06 Add to
0531134-3769-01STEERING WHEEL BUTTON KIT£37.08 Add to
0541134-3752-01KNOB HOLDER£7.13 Add to
0559997-0870-16SCREW M6S M8 x 70£2.47 Add to
0561134-1565-06SPACER£11.32 Add to
0579699-0090-02WASHER 8.4 x 18 x 1.5£2.32 Add to
058112293201/0HEXAGON NUT M8 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.06 Add to
059118566110/0HANDLE CAP D=22 [BLACK]£2.06 Add to
060118203854/0NUT CAP M8 [BLACK]£2.06 Add to
0631137-0070-01INNER STEERING TUBE£61.60 Add to
0641134-5177-01SLIDE COLLAR£13.64 Add to
0659710-0631-12SQUARE NUT£3.55 Add to
0661134-4481-02WING NUT£6.14 Add to
067112792099/0HEX HEAD SCREW M6 x 30£1.79 Add to
070387106404/0STEERING CHAIN ASSEMBLY [PCH w/o SERVO]£236.58 Add to