Cabin (1)

Cabin (1) assembly details for Stiga TITAN 740 DC 2013 (13-7461-11) 2013 model

Parts list

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0011319-1162-01ROOF ASSY£2,526.54 Add to
0031319-1172-01ROOF£1,430.56 Add to
0041319-1174-01UPPER GLASS£624.96 Add to
0051319-1134-01WIND SCREEN£933.66 Add to
0061319-1137-01REAR GLASS£1,714.86 Add to
0071319-1152-01WIND SCREEN WIPER BLADE£126.00 Add to
0081319-1151-01WIND SCREEN WIPER ARM£253.26 Add to
0111319-1128-01VALVE£12.37 Add to
0121319-1150-01WIND SCREEN WIPER MOTOR£505.26 Add to
0131319-1149-01BRACKET-WIND SCREEN WIPER MOTOR£574.56 Add to
0141319-1190-01WATER TANK£209.16 Add to
0161319-1125-01MIRROR£120.96 Add to
0181319-1100-01DIRECTION LIGHT£139.86 Add to
0199400-0355-01R/H HEADLAMP£113.95 Add to
0201319-1121-01WORK LAMP£146.16 Add to
0211319-1142-01RUBBER SEAL (METRE)£35.28 Add to
0221319-1180-01DOOR FRAME£618.66 Add to
0231319-1135-01DOOR GLASS L/H£532.64 Add to
0241319-1136-01SIDE GLASS R/H£744.66 Add to
0261319-1127-01SPACER£8.06 Add to
0291319-1175-01HANDLE£120.96 Add to
0311319-1158-01PLATE£9.39 Add to
0321319-1160-01RUBBER GASKET£3.53 Add to
0331319-1178-01GASKET£5.80 Add to
034112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 X 24 X 2 (NOT USED ON STIGA MODELS)£2.90 Add to
0351319-1177-01NUT COVER£2.90 Add to
0371319-1132-01GAS SPRING£196.56 Add to
0381319-1133-01HINGE£57.96 Add to
0401319-1148-01DOOR LOCK L/H£385.56 Add to
0411319-1143-01DOOR HANDLE W KEYS£215.46 Add to
0421319-1161-01DOOR PLATE GASKET£13.99 Add to
0441319-1147-01BOLT STRIKER£42.84 Add to
0461319-1133-01HINGE£57.96 Add to
0479400-0355-02L/H HEADLAMP£113.95 Add to
0481319-1123-01MIRROR ARM R/H£158.76 Add to
0491319-1124-01MIRROR ARM L/H£158.76 Add to