Transmission (1)

Transmission (1) assembly details for Stiga PARK PRO 16 4WD 2013 (13-6271-17) 2013 model

Parts list

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0011134-5810-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£17.51 Add to
001A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
002387869512/0HYDRAULIC HOSE£149.90 Add to
0031134-5808-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£47.88 Add to
003A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
004387869500/0HYDRAULIC HOSE£91.98 Add to
0051134-5809-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£17.51 Add to
005A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
0101134-5807-01HYDRAULIC ANGLE COUPLING£32.76 Add to
010A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
0111134-5875-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£66.78 Add to
011A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
0139578-0028-01TUBE CLAMP£9.61 Add to
0149959-0825-16SCREW FLANGED TE M6SF M8 x 25£2.90 Add to
0151134-5753-01HYDRAULIC TUBE£152.46 Add to
0161134-5809-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£17.51 Add to
016A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
017387869517/0HYDRAULIC HOSE£112.06 Add to
0181134-1565-01SPACER£14.49 Add to
0201134-5808-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£47.88 Add to
020A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
0211134-5810-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£17.51 Add to
021A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
022387520119/0LOWER STEERING COLUMN£68.10 Add to
022A9404-0028-01O RING 11.89 x 1.98£5.42 Add to
0231134-5758-02HYDRAULIC TUBE£88.78 Add to
0241134-5810-01HYDRAULIC COUPLING£17.51 Add to
024A9404-0029-01O RING 16.36 x 2.21£6.05 Add to
0251137-0220-01HYDRAULIC HOSE£74.95 Add to
0261134-5819-03HYDRAULIC OIL TANK£138.98 Add to
026A1137-0272-01TANK CAP£32.76 Add to
026B1134-5962-02OIL FILTER (PAPER)£26.21 Add to
026C1134-5963-01COVER-OIL FILTER£12.10 Add to
026D1134-5964-01SPRING-OIL FILTER£11.72 Add to
0279838-9516-12SCREW K50 x 16£3.28 Add to
0299578-0023-04HOSE CLAMP£5.92 Add to
0309578-0023-05HOSE CLAMP£5.54 Add to
0319579-0003-00CABLE HOLDER£2.90 Add to
0321134-6039-01HYDRAULIC PIPE ASSEMBLY£183.96 Add to
0331134-4948-01SEAL WASHER 1/4"£3.40 Add to
0341134-6042-01QUICK COUPLING-MALE 1/4"£28.53 Add to