Electric System 1

Electric System 1 assembly details for Stiga PRIMO SE (13-2411-33) 2011 model

Parts list

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0031134-6498-01WIRE HARNESS (PRIMO)£139.86 Add to
003A1134-3496-06FUSE 20A£2.65 Add to
004112292102/0HEXAGON NUT M6 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.90 Add to
0051134-2310-01GUARD CAP (+)£9.58 Add to
006118736112/0SOLENOID£37.80 Add to
0089838-8822-19SCREW K60 x 22£2.90 Add to
009112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 X 24 X 2 (NOT USED ON STIGA MODELS)£2.90 Add to
0109400-0360-01MICRO SWITCH£8.95 Add to
0111134-2871-03STARTER RELAY [5 SPADE]£42.84 Add to
0129838-8822-19SCREW K60 x 22£2.90 Add to
0131134-4702-01CABLE (+)£25.20 Add to
0141134-3156-02SEAT SWITCH [GREY]£45.36 Add to
0159579-0003-00CABLE HOLDER£2.90 Add to
0161134-4093-01IGNITION SWITCH£63.00 Add to
0171134-4749-01NUT£5.67 Add to
0201134-7381-01SWITCH-NEUTRAL£40.32 Add to