Transmission (1)

Transmission (1) assembly details for Stiga PRIMO (13-2411) 2011 model

Parts list

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0011134-6613-01BEARING BOX & SHAFT ASSEMBLY£104.58 Add to
0029945-0825-16SCREW M6SF M8 x 25£3.15 Add to
0031134-9129-01BLADE BAR ASSEMBLY [2 PCS]£96.78 Add to
0041134-9130-01BLADE TIP KIT [2 PCS]£32.38 Add to
0051134-9054-01SHEAR BOLT KIT [6 x Bolts & Nuts]£9.17 Add to
0061134-6311-01BOLT 7/16" UNF£4.00 Add to
0071134-6312-01LOCK NUT 7/16" UNF£3.65 Add to
0081134-6211-01BLADE WASHER£4.28 Add to
0099997-1050-16SCREW M6S M10 x 50£3.65 Add to
0101134-6590-01MULCH PLUG£35.46 Add to
0119959-0820-16SCREW M6SF M8 x 20 TL£2.90 Add to
0121134-0341-01WASHER£7.56 Add to
0211137-1014-01TRANSMISSION COVER£35.28 Add to
0221134-0240-00SCREW£9.45 Add to
0249893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£3.28 Add to
0251134-9137-01TOOTHED BELT PULLEY [2 PCS]£59.81 Add to
0261134-6607-01BELT PULLEY£158.76 Add to
0279600-0168-01KEY£5.17 Add to
0281134-5124-02SPACER£5.92 Add to
0291134-5406-01WASHER M10 10.5 x 35 x 5£4.91 Add to
0309997-0850-16SCREW M6S M8 x 50£5.17 Add to
0311134-9133-01TOOTHED BELT£32.76 Add to
0321134-9136-01DECK DRIVE BELT£40.32 Add to
0349959-0820-16SCREW M6SF M8 x 20 TL£2.90 Add to
037112523060/0WASHER M8 8.4 X 24 X 2 (NOT USED ON STIGA MODELS)£2.90 Add to