Transmission (2)

Transmission (2) assembly details for Stiga PARK PRO SVAN 4WD 2011 (13-6272-26) 2011 model

Parts list

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0011134-5700-01HYDRAULIC PUMP KPL-10ALP£845.53 Add to
0021139-1514-01HOUSING£743.66 Add to
0041139-1018-01SPRING£7.56 Add to
0051139-1527-01REPAIR KIT£933.66 Add to
0061139-1021-01CIRCLIP£2.90 Add to
0081139-1532-01RETAINING RING£4.37 Add to
0091139-0236-01BALL BEARING£38.08 Add to
0101139-1516-01PUMP SHAFT ASSEMBLY (INCL. 6-9)£232.85 Add to
0111139-1369-01CIRCLIP£4.37 Add to
0121139-1396-01SEAL£19.15 Add to
0131139-1022-01METAL THRUST£12.59 Add to
0141139-1523-01SWASH PLATE£151.35 Add to
0151139-1026-01THRUST PLATE£20.60 Add to
0161139-1024-01BEARING£26.20 Add to
0171139-1525-01THRUST PLATE£58.38 Add to
0181139-1509-01CYLINDER BLOCK KIT£232.85 Add to
0191139-1515-01CASE GASKET£13.73 Add to
0211139-1513-01VALVE PLATE£75.60 Add to
0221139-1166-01PIN£3.65 Add to
0231139-1368-01CHECK VALVE F£31.22 Add to
0241139-1374-01CHECK VALVE R£41.40 Add to
0251139-1366-01SPRING£4.59 Add to
0271139-1367-01CHECK PLUG£30.78 Add to
0281139-1530-01ROTOR SET£80.72 Add to
0291139-1529-01O RING£8.74 Add to
0301139-1533-01O RING£5.17 Add to
0311139-1107-01PLUG£7.42 Add to
0331139-1519-01PUMP BODY£708.73 Add to
0341139-1375-01CHARGE PLUG£40.61 Add to
0351139-1114-01O RING£3.15 Add to
0361139-1376-01SPRING£10.04 Add to
0371139-1389-01VALVE SPRING£6.43 Add to
0381139-1385-01RELIEF VALVE£25.84 Add to
0391139-1386-01CHARGE VALVE£23.43 Add to
0401139-1535-01BOLT W/WASHER£6.97 Add to
0411139-1536-01BOLT W/WASHER£6.97 Add to
0421139-1537-01BOLT W/WASHER£6.97 Add to
0431139-1538-01BOLT W/WASHER£6.97 Add to
0441139-1524-01SHIFT BLOCK£20.52 Add to
0461139-1365-01OIL SEAL£21.42 Add to
0471139-1393-01RING£4.37 Add to
0481139-1382-01WASHER£4.37 Add to
0511139-1127-01NUT£3.78 Add to
0521139-1102-01WASHER£3.65 Add to
0531139-1377-01PLATE (RETURN SPRING )£74.66 Add to
0541139-1378-01FULCRUM£86.84 Add to
0551139-1379-01ARM ( RETURN SPRING )£113.32 Add to
0561139-1380-01RETURN SPRING£47.44 Add to
0581139-1392-01RING£3.28 Add to
0591139-1381-01SET SCREW£7.56 Add to
0601139-1127-01NUT£3.78 Add to
0611139-1122-01BOLT W/WASHER£4.37 Add to
0621139-1372-01BY-PASS LEVER£57.56 Add to
0631139-1371-01BY-PASS ADAPTER£34.41 Add to
0651139-1115-01O RING£2.65 Add to
0661139-1373-01PLAT BY-PASS PLATE£7.57 Add to
0671139-1387-01RING BACK-UP RING£7.79 Add to
0681139-1112-01O RING£4.71 Add to
0691139-1370-01BY PASS PIN£40.08 Add to
0701139-1522-01WAVE WASHER£4.71 Add to