Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lift assembly details for Stiga PARK PRO SVAN 4WD 2011 (13-6272-26) 2011 model

Parts list

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0011134-4117-01BRACKET£31.50 Add to
0021134-2684-01BUSH£7.56 Add to
0041137-0071-01HYDRAULIC CYLINDER£341.46 Add to
0051134-4815-01CYLINDER BRACKET£55.44 Add to
0079893-0616-16SCREW M6 x 16£3.28 Add to
0081134-4816-01PIN£13.61 Add to
0099598-0002-02SPRING PIN 2.5mm L=47mm£2.90 Add to
0101134-4817-01PIN£12.98 Add to
0119599-0054-02SPLIT PIN£3.15 Add to
0171134-4824-01ADAPTER£12.10 Add to
0181134-4948-01SEAL WASHER 1/4"£3.40 Add to
0191137-0193-01HYDRAULIC HOSE 90° 3/16"£83.69 Add to
0201134-4826-01BANJO BOLT£15.62 Add to
0211134-4947-01COPPER WASHER 10 x 14 x 1.5£6.30 Add to
0251134-4824-01ADAPTER£12.10 Add to
0261134-4948-01SEAL WASHER 1/4"£3.40 Add to
029387520119/0LOWER STEERING COLUMN£68.10 Add to
029A9404-0028-01O RING 11.89 x 1.98£5.42 Add to
0309579-0003-00CABLE HOLDER£2.90 Add to
0371134-6345-01LEVER£65.52 Add to
0381134-2551-01GEAR KNOB£11.72 Add to
0401134-7743-01HAND OPERATED VALVE£435.96 Add to
040A1139-2100-01LEVER BRACKET£88.78 Add to
0411134-6364-01SPACER£4.54 Add to
042112689515/0HEX-HEAD SCREW M6 x 45£2.90 Add to
043112292102/0HEXAGON NUT M6 WITH EXAGONAL FLANGE£2.90 Add to
0441134-6328-01SPACER£19.43 Add to
0451137-0197-01HYDRAULIC HOSE£66.78 Add to
0461134-6323-01BANJO BOLT 3/8"£10.71 Add to
0471134-4948-02SEAL WASHER 3/8"£2.90 Add to
0501137-0216-01HYDRAULIC HOSE L=2050mm£98.28 Add to