Top Products for the Summer

Top Products for the Summer

With summer on the horizon we’re recommending out top garden machinery that can help keep your garden in tip-top shape for those summer barbecues.

1)      Lawn Mower:

A good lawn mower is a must. We recommend the Mountfield S421R as a brilliant all-rounder. This hand propelled rear roller rotary mower is ideal to mow any small to medium sized lawn. The rear roller enables you to deliver a superb, striped finish and has a deck wash link for easy cleaning after use. It’s powered by an easy start 100cc Mountfield RSC OJC 4-stroke engine which enables the mower to be effortless to use and cuts right up to the paths and border edges. 5 heights of cut ranging from 20mm to 70mm selected using a lever ensure you can pick the most suitable for the finish required. The 55 litre collector is easy to attach and has an indicator to show when it needs emptying. The S421R has a 41cm or 16inch cutting width ensuring cutting the lawn won’t take all day.

2)      Hedge Trimmers:

If you have any hedges or trees you’re going to need a good set of hedge trimmers to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. We recommend the Tanaka TCH22EAP2 (50) Petrol Double Sided Hedge Cutter which comes with a free mixing bottle and 1litre of 2 stroke oil. This lightweight and versatile model has been equipped with a 22xx Tanaka Pure Fire motor; an advanced two-stroke unit that delivers its ample power (0.87hp) with reduced emissions and lower fuel costs when compared to similar powered engines. It boasts a 50cm double sided, duel reciprocating blades that will enable you to cover a substantial hedge in quick time. A tooth pitch of 30mm means you’ll be able to trim thick, woody growth without fear of the twisting and chewing that can lead to damage of the hedge, whilst a 180° quick-twist rear-handle makes it possible to achieve the optimum angle of attack and also facilitates comfortable left-handed operation.

Key Features include

-          A superior petrol hedge trimmer for domestic and lighter-duty commercial use

-          PureFire engine delivers a cut in emissions without compromising power output

-          S-start technology for smooth, low-effort pull starts

-          Front positioned exhaust directs gases and heat well away from the operator

Tanaka Hedge Trimmers -

3)      Strimmer’s:

If you have any borders, paths or trees you might need a grass trimmer or strimmer to cut the awkward sections of grass and shrubbery your lawnmower struggles to access. They are also important to creating a neat edge to a lawn. When buying a trimmer, there are a few things to consider; first, the size of your lawn affects what cutting width you require. Secondly, how to power your strimmer; either electric, battery (cordless) or petrol depending on the power you require, the weight you want your strimmer to be and if you mind having a cable or not. Tanakas TCG22EAB 22cc Bent Shaft Petrol Strimmer is perfect to meet all your garden needs. It’s light and easy to use and the 22cc engine ensures you can make easy work of any jobs around the garden. Having a bent shaft means you are closer to the work you are doing and have more control for trimming borders.

Key Features include

-          Low weight and compact design

-          Well-balanced and comfortable to use

-          Reliable, low emission 2-stroek Tanaka engine

-          Comfortable loop handle for firm control

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