Spring 2018 Lawn Upkeep

Happy New Year everyone! As we turn our back on 2017 we’re turning towards Spring and its mildly warmer weather. This of course means more outdoors time.

So if you followed our advice for Lawn care in November and Winter Lawn Mower Maintenance you should be in a good position to get a good start. It’s still early yet but there is no harm in getting ready to go in February/March. (Depending on the weather)


We’ve talked before about making sure the lawn is kept clear to help it breath and prevent mould and disease so I won’t go into it again here… But keep it in mind.


Not only is this a good time to Aerate your lawn as your grass is growing but also the ground will be softer making it much easier.

This will let the roots breath and take in nutrients which will encourage growth.

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First Cut

For the first cut of the year you can cut as normal but just take care as the soil may be damp, so you might want to cut a bit higher than normal to make sure you don’t dig it up.

Remember to stick to the rule of never cutting off more than a third of the current length of the grass and you won’t go wrong.

This where an adjustable height mower comes in handy, allowing you to cut higher during these difficult periods.

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First Feed

You should give your Lawn the first of its yearly 4-6 feeds at the start of Spring. You can buy specific Spring or Spring/Summer feed which is tailor made for this purpose.

You’ll want to get that Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium in there to help it recover. At this time of year you can usually rely on rain to rinse any dry granules, no need to water.

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So 4 things to prepare for. You only have 6-10 weeks before you have to put all of this into action so it’s worth thinking about now.

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