Product Spotlight: Salt Spreaders

With the met office forecasting the arrival of La Niña this winter, it’s time to get prepared. The last time we saw La Niña was the winter of 2010 which saw unprecedented snowfall and a big freeze.

The weather in this winter let to a surge in the sale of snow shovels, rock salt and salt spreaders.

So with the return of La Niña this winter, it might be the ideal time to invest in salt spreaders.

World of Mowers have a few options some of which double up as seed and fertiliser spreaders.

For smaller areas an easier and less expensive option is a small salt spreader.

Small Salt Spreader SSS2 - £305

This one has a 60kg hopper size and its pneumatic wheels make it easy to push over uneven ground. In the summer months the spreader can be used for seed and fertiliser.

For larger areas there is the Large Manual Salt Spreader.

Large Manual Salt Spreader SSLA - £799

This salt spreader has an integral agitator to create an even spread and a skirt to control the width of the spread and can also be used with fertiliser and seed.

If you are looking for a salt spreader that can be towed rather than pushed, the towed disc spreader is easily attached to your vehicle and has an adjustable speed control depending on what you are spreading. A handy showerproof cover keeps the salt dry while you are spreading.

Towed Disc Spreader TDS125 - £399

Most of the spreaders available at World of Mowers can be used for salt spreading. So take a look at what is on offer at World of Mowers this winter before the weather turns.

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