November Lawn Care

November is here and as the Tulip Bulbs go in and the more tender plants come out there is still a lot of lawn maintenance to be done before it’s too late. We’re approaching what could be the ‘last cut of the year’ and this November in 2017 is due to be a cold one so the earlier the start, the better.

Let’s look at hygiene… We’ve covered it before but it’s so important to not let your hard summer work go to waste for a couple of months of neglect.

Good hygiene will prevent disease and especially stop diseases coming back year after year. So clear up and destroy infected leaves. It’s important not to compost these as all you’re doing is reusing something you didn’t want in the first place.

Using a Sweeper is a quick and easy way to remove debris from your lawn.

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With the next few months sunlight will be at a premium so don’t allow leaves to shelter your lawn from the precious rays that are available. The reverse is true too as the leaves will prevent moisture leaving the grass increasing the chance of moss, mould and algae forming which you probably won’t notice for quite some time if left covered.

A petrol leaf blower is obviously a very quick way to remove leaves from larger areas very quickly.

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Tanaka TRB 24EAP Petrol Blower - £185

Speaking of Algae, it loves a damp environment so keep an eye out for poor drainage or shade from buildings, walls or overhanging trees. Also look out for water logging and try and drain away any resting water as soon as possible.

From algae to fungi as toadstools may start to grow this time of year. Most are OK and can be ignored BUT, if you’re going to have young ones or pets around, take the time to remove them, it could prevent illness.

A few other points worth mentioning…

  • Don’t use Summer lawn feed, use Autumn lawn feed which contains more of the needed phosphorous and potassium
  • Weeds are no longer growing so hold off on the lawn weed killer
  • A further reminder: Drain the fuel from your stowed mower
So back to the grass and that ‘last cut’ of the year.

On the milder days the grass will still grow but due to damp or frozen ground cutting it too short can damage your lawn. The simple answer here is to cut your lawn a bit longer than you would normally.

A bit of a trim will allow room for the reduced growth without potentially tearing up your soil.

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So there we have a few tips for lawn care in November, but it’s also time to start thinking about your Spring Shopping List for your Garden.

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