Lawn Care Tips: September, October, November, December

September Lawn Care Tips

September is a big month with a lot of jobs to perform before a quiet October.

Start by using a Scarifier to remove moss and deep thatch. Run over several times at slightly different angles to gently remove anything that needs removing. Don’t go at a complete right angle though as cutting across could damage the soil. But continue with deeper and deeper runs over the lawn. Don’t start too deep now matter how tempting it is.

Just like February, when the ground is soft and moist it makes for a good time to aerate. Again, this will allow the moisture and air to get to root level.

It’s also a good time to give the lawn a once over to see if you can spot any disease that may be forming. Look for spots and patches that stand out and any areas of slow growth or where the root looks dark.

Before the bad weather comes, now will be a good time to get rid of any weeds you can see. If you’ve been spot checking for weeds all summer a simple treatment will be all you’ll need right now.

When cutting, prepare the lawn for Winter by raising the blade height to give the root some shelter from the frost.

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Now is a time to brush away Worm Casts (Those little piles of soil left by Worms) but obviously this will only work if they’re dry. Simple use a brush to sweep the soil flat.

October Lawn Care Tips

Easy one! Rake leaves and mow less often… That’s it

November Lawn Care Tips

Firstly, remove anything from the Lawn that won’t be needed over Winter. This includes toys, furniture, plant pots etc These not only damage the lawn as they sink in to the damp soil but they also cast a shadow preventing areas of the lawn denying it what ever little bit of light you’ll get over the next few months.

Don’t forget to clear leaves etc to prevent the build up of disease and prune back trees and bushes to reduce their shadow too.

Time to aerate for the final time of the year as well as give the lawn it’s final cut. Also, now is the time to apply a Winter Feed to give the lawn the nutrients required to stay healthy.

December Lawn Care Tips

If the lawn is waterlogged or frozen stay off it!

Finally, maintain your equipment to make sure it’s in good condition for Spring and store everything correctly so it’s all good to go.

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