Lawn Care Tips: January, February, March

January Lawn Care Tips

We’ve talked about this already but remember to service your Mower. This is to make sure it’s in perfect condition as it has a lot to do over the next 10 months. Also, sharpen those blades if needed!

We also provided a guide on how to find spare parts on the website should you need any.

Continue to keep the lawn free from leaves or debris This is something else we’ve mentioned before but using a light rake or a brush will help keep the top of your lawn clear without damaging the bottom.

Trapping moisture in this way, especially this time of year when it’s damp enough. Will help diseases to grow and spread.

One Last point for January and any Winter month is to stay off the lawn if it’s frozen or waterlogged.

The frozen leaves are brittle and trampling the top can have damage further down. Also, those frozen footprints can hang around for quite some time and will not look great come summer.

February Lawn Care Tips

This is the time, weather permitting, that you can make any repairs to the lawn.

Here you can either dig up the soil with a fork to loosen it and get some air in there, rake it flat, seed and rake again. This will allow new grass to grow in the affected area.

Alternatively, you can remove the top layer and lay new turf. Either way the soft, damp conditions give you the perfect opportunity to repair the lawn.

Now is also a good time to trim back the hedges any anything over hanging the lawn. Just snip back and tidy up all that growth from the last few months. Not only will it look tidier, it will also allow what little sunlight there is to see the lawn and prevent some shaded areas.

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Remember to clean up any trimmings as well as to keep the law clear by continuing to use the light rake or brush.

While the ground is soft and moist now is also a good time to aerate. While there is plenty of moisture and air around aeration of the lawn will allow this goodness to get to root level. It also helps to prevent any build up of thick ‘thatch’ which may be preventing water and air getting to the soil.

March Lawn Care Tips

It’s time for the first feed of the year. Use a Spring/Summer specialist feed that will not only encourage growth but will prevent the growth of moss and weeds.

This feed will need to be lightly watered, so it pulled into the soil. This not only ensures you’re getting the best results but also prevents the ‘scorching’ effect you can get from having a nitrogen heavy feed sitting on the surface or on the leaves for too long.

Now is also the time to treat Moss. While Moss isn’t harmful, it grows in shady conditions so a sign of Moss on your lawn is probably a sign of poor growing conditions.

To remove Moss, if the feed isn’t working, it can be raked away for a short-term solution. However, if the underlying issue is not found and repaired then you can expect the Moss to grow back.

Now is the time for the first cut of the year. It’s just a maintenance cut really, nothing too deep.

You’re looking to trim a bit off the top, as we’ve mentioned before you should never cut more than a third of the current length in one go but here, you want much less than that.

Finally, for March if the lawn is less than a year old to remove any thatching and again, Moss. This is again to get light, warmth and moisture as deep into the lawn as possible. This will help to encourage growth, especially for a young lawn just coming out of it’s first Winter.

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