Lawn Care Tips: April, May, June

April Lawn Care Tips

Now we’re getting down to business. There isn’t that much to do in April except to mow and mow often from now until September. Some will suggest twice a week but that’s not always possible so mow as much as you can.

Again, no need to take off more than a third of the length in one go and generally you can repeat at the desired height to maintain an even look through Summer.

If you didn’t feed in March you probably should now. If you’ve been on top of your maintenance tasks the lawn shouldn’t be too starved of natural nutrition, but a feed can always help.

Follow the same rules as March, use a Spring/Summer feed and water lightly to prevent scorching.

April is also a good time to dig out patches of damaged grass and reseed if you didn’t get a chance to do it in February.

Either loosen with a fork and reseed to remove with a spade and relay new turf.

May Lawn Care Tips

Now would be a good time to reapply the feed if you feel the lawn needs it. Again, remember to lightly water after to prevent scorching.

Also, it’s a good time to have a look around for any weeds that may appear. Most can be weeded by hand no problem but others, especially those with a deeper root will need cutting or digging out.

Others can probably only be treated with a weed killer so examine the garden, do your research and weed accordingly.

If you haven’t done already, as the grass is growing quickly, trim the edges to make the lawn look extra neat and tidy.

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Use grass shears around difficult terrain such as paving stones and an edging tool for longer border sections.

Use a plank of wood to help guide a straight edge, layout string or rope to help guide around curves.

Remember to pick up the trimmings to add to the compost.

June Lawn Care Tips

Now is a good time to rearrange garden furniture that is casting a shadow. If you have a table and chairs, or maybe a slide and climbing frame this should be moved to prevent permanent impressions on the lawn.

This is also the case for ornaments and plant pots etc.

Continue to mow little and often, never taking off more than a third of the current length.

Consider a feed, check the instructions on your Spring/Summer feed to see how often they suggest using it. If you did a feed in May chances are you won’t need to do one in June.

If it’s been dry with a significant lack of rain then lawn will probably need a light watering just to prevent it drying up too much.

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