How to Keep Your Lawn Clear in January

So here we are in January. No matter how much you clear the leaves and debris from your lawn it just keeps coming.

Make sure your lawn is kept clear to get valuable air and light this time of year. Also, trapping moisture this time of year can help disease grow and spread.

To help with this you need the right equipment.

Leaf Blowers and Vacuums are obviously a key piece of equipment here. There is a wide range available from those that are suitable for a small lawn to those that can do large estates. Lets look at some examples:

Swift 40v Battery Blower with Battery and Charger

This features a quiet engine and additional noise suppression so it's perfect for a built up area. The 40v battery is powerful enough to do the job and the variable air speed gives you options for wet or dry debris.

One of the advantages of Swift products is that one battery fits multiple products including Swift Lawnmowers.

Swift 40v Battery Powered Leaf Blower

MBV48Li 48 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower Vac

This excellent machine not only clears light debris but will also be able to clear light snow. The unit is also light weight and has an easily accessible hi/low power switch.

Changing from a blower to a vac is easy and does not require any tools.

Mountfield MBV48Li 48 Volt Blower & Vac

Stihl BR 450 C-EF Powerful, professional blower with Electrostart

This high performance backpack blower with ElectroStart so it can be turned on and off without having to remove the unit. This also means that fuel can be saved as the device can be stopped and restarted between jobs.

The Stihl ErgoStart features a pull start that helps the start when temperatures are below zero.

Both the handle and tube can be repositioned for maximum comfort.

Stihl BR 450 C-EF Leaf Blower

Towed Petrol Leaf Sucker PSUFT

This much larger unit comes with a 2 wheel chassis with suspension and lighting. This much larger unit is obviously for much larger jobs. The suction nozzle is fitted to 3 metres of hose which is 20cm wide.

The direction of the main discharge component can be altered as can the discharge head itself.

This has everything you need to help you cover that large area.

Towed Petrol Leaf Sucker

So there you go, 4 examples of blowers that will cover everything from a path, to a snow covered driveway to Buckingham Palace.

Remember this is also the time of year to look after your existing equipment. So if you have equipment that's been in your shed for the last few months now is the time to make sure it's all in working order.

Here are some tips for Winter Lawnmower maintenance. Follows these to make sure you're ready to go in February!

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