Deck assembly details for Mountfield S461 HP 295485043 2015 model

Parts list

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001381004933/0STEEL DECK CR/CRL 48 [GREY]£126.00 Add to
002322108301/1PLASTIC FRONT BAFFLE£16.52 Add to
003112728699/0SELF-TAPPING SCREW K60 x 22£2.90 Add to
004322108392/0PLASTIC REAR BAFFLE£20.16 Add to
006322545213/0FIXING PLATE£2.90 Add to
009381005137/0RIGHT HANDLE BRACKET£7.18 Add to
010322060242/0BELT PROTECTION GUARD CR48£11.72 Add to
011322140239/1MULCHING PLUG [CRUISER 48]£11.97 Add to
012112728530/0SELF-TAP SCREW 4.8 x 25£1.73 Add to