Handle, Lower Part

Handle, Lower Part assembly details for Mountfield SP535HW (20140108) 2014 model

Parts list

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001381006720/0LOWER HANDLE [ASTRAL GREY]£45.60 Add to
002381005149/0RIGHT HANDLE BRACKET£16.08 Add to
003381005151/0LEFT HANDLE BRACKET£16.08 Add to
004381103359/1LOCKING HANDLE LEVER L=62 BLACK£6.51 Add to
005322680016/0HANDLE FIXING WASHER£2.84 Add to
006122131750/0NUT M8£2.76 Add to
007322399835/0HANDLE KNOB£2.84 Add to
010112760605/0SCREW TBEI M8 X 20MM£3.18 Add to
011125038002/1BUSH (TO 31ST AUG 2016)£2.84 Add to
012112154220/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M8£2.84 Add to
013322192156/0CABLE HOLDER CLAMP£2.84 Add to
014381103350/0UPPER LOCK HANDLE LEVER [BLACK]£6.79 Add to