CHASSIS HANDLE assembly details for Mountfield M60PD-ES M61PD M64PD (20100406) 2008 model

Parts list

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001381002733/0ALUMINIUM DECK TURBO AVS 55 [RED]£435.48 Add to
002112735108/0Screw (OBSOLETE)N/A
003322060155/1DECK COVER [RED]£18.96 Add to
004112728300/0SELF-TAPPING SCREW K50 x 22£2.76 Add to
005322785179/0DEFLECTOR CLAMP [BLACK]£6.00 Add to
006112735664/0SCREW M6 x 16£1.65 Add to
008322600068/2DEFLECTOR [BLACK]£10.56 Add to
010322108277/0PLASTIC REAR BAFFLE£41.58 Add to
011112735664/0SCREW M6 x 16£1.65 Add to
015322109531/0BATTERY COVER£3.48 Add to
016381008658/1ACCESSORY BAG-GRASSCATCHER£16.68 Add to
037322820057/0DECK CLOSING CAP [BLACK]£2.76 Add to
038112604899/0STARLOCK WASHER RPCO 308 D=8£2.76 Add to
051112820655/0SCREW TTDQ 1/4" x 2 1/4"£2.52 Add to
052322551635/0ATTACHMENT PLATE£4.68 Add to
053322778405/0LOWER HANDLE SUPPORT CLAMP£22.92 Add to
054112760515/0HEXAGONAL SCREW TC M8 x 20£1.65 Add to
055112521350/0WASHER M8 8.4 x 16 x 1.6£2.76 Add to
057322399810/0HANDWHEEL w/o NUT [BLACK]£8.64 Add to
058112361005/0HEXAGON NUT 1/4" UNC£3.33 Add to
059381006613/0LOWER PRO HANDLE TURBO 50-55 BLACK£36.00 Add to
060322192001/0CABLE CLAMP£2.76 Add to
061112728691/0SELF-TAP SCREW WN1411 KA40 x 16£2.84 Add to
062112820655/0SCREW TTDQ 1/4" x 2 1/4"£2.52 Add to
063122430311/0PULL CORD GUIDE£7.00 Add to
064322545137/0HANDLE CLAMP PLATE£2.76 Add to
102381003298/1BRAKE CONTROL LEVER£29.99 Add to
103181000777/0ENGINE BRAKE CABLE L=1160£14.88 Add to
103181000687/0ENGINE BRAKE CABLE L=1000£13.08 Add to
103181000688/0ENGINE BRAKE CABLE L=1050£13.20 Add to
104381000697/0CLUTCH DRIVE CABLE£17.88 Add to
105381003297/1DRIVE CONTROL LEVER£20.76 Add to
106112727783/0CROSS-HEAD SCREW M6 x 40£2.76 Add to
107322551685/0CABLE HOLDER BLOCK£6.98 Add to
108112154510/0LOW SELF-LOCKING NUT M6 UNI7474 ACC.6S£2.76 Add to
151112291000/0HEXAGON NUT M5£2.76 Add to
152112581500/0WASHER M5£2.76 Add to
153122171005/0THROTTLE SPACER£2.76 Add to
154112521360/0WASHER M10 10.5 x 20 x 2£2.76 Add to
155112508100/0SPRING WASHER 10.2 x 20 x 0.8£2.76 Add to
156381007220/0THROTTLE LEVER£24.00 Add to
156381007279/1THROTTLE LEVER£2.76 Add to
157481007080/0THROTTLE CABLE£22.92 Add to
158112815000/0CARRIAGE BOLT M5 x 45£2.76 Add to
159114356702/0THROTTLE DECAL£2.76 Add to
15914356703/0Label (B&S) (OBSOLETE)N/A
501122465618/0BLADE BOSS D=22.2£9.48 Add to
502181004144/0BLADE TURBO 55£26.40 Add to
503112530140/0WASHER M10£3.00 Add to
504112735698/0HEX-HEAD SCREW 3/8" x 2"£2.21 Add to
505112139100/0WOODRUFF KEY 4 x 6.5 D=16 UNI6606 C40£2.76 Add to
551322486095/0GRASSCATCHER TOP [BLACK]£42.97 Add to
552322486098/0GRASSTOP INSERT£6.24 Add to
561112521460/0WASHER M6 6.5 x 22 x 1.5£1.65 Add to
562112728300/0SELF-TAPPING SCREW K50 x 22£2.76 Add to
563122608528/0GRASSCATCHER FRAME£19.80 Add to
564181002235/0GRASSBAG [BLACK]£53.92 Add to