SCH Towed Sweeper/Collector TS98

SCH Towed Sweeper/Collector TS98
SCH Towed Sweeper/Collector TS98SCH Towed Sweeper/Collector TS98SCH Towed Sweeper/Collector TS98

The SCH TS98 lawn sweeper/collector is robust in construction to withstand prolonged heavy use. A differential mechanism on the brushes allows the sweeper to be manoeuvred in tight corners without the wheels "scuffing". The differential mechanism also allows both ground wheels to drive the pick up brushes giving it superior sweeping power. The height adjustment is simple. The main drive is transmitted via metal gears. The large capacity solid plastic catcher is rot and tear proof and simple to use. Reversing into the tipping heap is always difficult but it is made easier with the TS98 as it only has two wheels in contact with the ground. A useful collection sheet is supplied with each unit.


Overall width1300mm (51")
Working width915mm (36")
Length with tow bar1700mm (67")
Weight78kg (171lbs)
Catcher capacity270 litres

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Overall width: 1300mm (51") 

Working width: 915mm (36") 

Length with tow bar: 1700mm (67") 

Weight: 78kg (171lbs) 

Catcher capacity: 270 litres

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