SCH 180L (40 Gallon) Sprayer GWCS9

SCH 180L (40 Gallon) Sprayer GWCS9
SCH 180L (40 Gallon) Sprayer GWCS9SCH 180L (40 Gallon) Sprayer GWCS9SCH 180L (40 Gallon) Sprayer GWCS9SCH 180L (40 Gallon) Sprayer GWCS9

The GWCS9 is a versatile sprayer for applying herbicides and fertilisers to both large and small areas with ease. Th four nozzle spray boom is one of the main features of the sprayer. The two outside nozzles are fitted to a break back section of the boom. When the operator accidentally navigates the boom into a solid object, a tree, garden bench or similar the outside section of the boom will fold back minimising the risk of damage. The two outside nozzles can be individually isolated to give a narrow spray width from the centre two nozzles. The spray boom is height adjustable to accommodate different towing heights. The whole boom lifts off for safe storage. The 12 volt diaphragm pump is powered from the tractor battery. In line filters are incorporated to prevent, as far as possible, irritating stoppages from blocked nozzles. The spray nozzles are mounted on anti drip holders which means that when the pump is 'shut down' liquid does not continue to flow. A brass hand trigger lance, complete with quick and simple twist connectors, is supplied with each sprayer. The lance is invaluable for spot spraying and around trees, shrubs etc. A 5 litre wash bottle is mounted on the chassis of the sprayer for dowsing down in case of skin contact with spray liquid. The maximum spray width is 2440mm (96") with two wing booms folded back and switched off, the spray width reduces to 1220mm (48").

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Tank capacity 180 Litres (40 Gallon) 

Pump 12V, 7L per min @50psi (max) 

Boom folded 1220mm (48") 

Spray Width 2440mm (96") 

Width of sprayer (Without boom) 860mm (34") 

Wheels 15/.600 x 6 

Towing hitchClevis & pin

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