Professional Leaf Suction Unit PSU

Professional Leaf Suction Unit PSU
Professional Leaf Suction Unit PSUProfessional Leaf Suction Unit PSU

NB: This item and the price quoted are for the suction unit only - please see the SCH trailer category for a selection of suitable collection trailers. This large leaf suction unit is hungry to clear up large areas of fallen leaves. The PSU fan unit with its powerful 9hp Honda engine is mounted on a two wheel chassis with an integral tow bar . The favourite way of using the unit is to attach it to the rear of the leaf collecting trailer. This trailer can be supplied with trailer adaptation kit, you could modify your own trailer. The discharge hose is attached to the rear of the trailer. The operator this is able to suck up fallen leaves efficiently. A combined team of the suction hose operator and a tractor driver can clear along drives and road edges at very impressive speeds. The leaves passing through the fan are chopped up, greatly increasing the capacity of the trailer - meaning less empties per day. Many operator use this in conjunction with a hand held blower. Blow out leaves from flower beds and arkward areas and then collect them with the suction unit. The fan belt is driven and not fitted directly onto the crankshaft of the engine.

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Width 1320mm (52.5") 

Length 1500mm (60") 

Weight 180kg 

Engine 9hp Honda 

Suction hose 200mm (8") 

Discharge hose length 1000mm (39") 

Suction hose length 3 meters 

Weight 180kg

Was £3,198.00
NOW £2848.00