X Trimmer

X Trimmer
X TrimmerX TrimmerX Trimmer

The Grillo X-Trimmer is a wheeled trimmer which is ideal for cutting grass in rural areas and to carry out finishing work around trees and other obstacles etc. It can be used as a mower for small and even ground areas. It is very compact and maneuverable, light and has an innovative design.The main feature of the Grillo X Trimmer is the left- inclined body which allows the nylon cord to cut beyond the left wheel area. You can comfortably follow a straight trajectory, and cut with precision near posts, walls or fences. In order to allow a higher degree of safety, the clockwise rotation of the cutting head throws the grass in the opposite direction to that of the operator.

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Engine Briggs&Stratton 3hp
 Fuel Petrol
 Starting Recoil
 Cutting width 450mm
 Weight 30kg
Was £722.00
NOW £669.00